Trusted Advisor To Our Clients


Whiteland serves as a trusted advisor to clients—helping them protect their interests and optimize the return on their investments.

We have expertise to provide investors with quality real estate investment opportunities. Our research, selection and acquisition of strategically located land is generally in the path of development in urban growth corridors. We make this real estate available to qualified investors and purchasers.

It starts in its raw form as undeveloped land and carries through to the development stage where homes or businesses are ready to be built. Value is added to the property through the planning and approval process or natural appreciation of land. Successful land enhancement starts in the early stages and works through the planning process to add substantial value to the property.

We Co-Invest in Every Asset

We personaly believe in having skin in the game which is why Whiteland co-invests with our investors in every deal to maximize our interest alignment with all of our partners like you.

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