Making Real Estate Real

Since inception, Whiteland has successfully developed industrial, office, retail and residential space throughout Canada.

Our history began as an industrial developer and that still remains true today. We have a proven track record in the development, construction, and management of industrial space. We are actively involved in every stage of development, from land acquisition and master planning, building design and construction. 

Our team of experienced and talented professionals operate from our network of offices and can respond quickly our client’s needs. Each project is genuinely a team effort focused on providing exceptional quality, service and property asset management for our customers and partners. 


Whiteland has long been advocates of community stewardship, actively participating in organizations that support the causes they care about by investing in resources to bring value to communities and residents now and into the future.


CentrePort and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce are two local organizations whose mission is to ensure a sustain a vibrant business communities which is why Whiteland has chosen to support their efforts.

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Creating a Greener and Healthier World.
Whiteland making innovative decisions to achieve our sustainable mission, prioritises design that establishes a sustainable high quality of life.
We create best-in-class Commercial • Industrial • Office • Residential developments to enhance the workplace, improve communities and provide rewarding opportunities for investors.